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Sahara Valet Parking Services
S.V.Y.S Was First established 13 years ago in Amman —Jordan
S.V.P.S was successful in building a solid foundation in Jordan growing to be the market leader in valet parking services in the country through our unique management standards ,
We have been in the UAE for 6 years and have good working relationships with clients
S.V.R.S believes that UAE market Needs to overcome traditional services and advance beyond any other country due to Dubai’s Vision of becoming smart city.
we focus on people product and process making sure all three p’s reach their highest potentiatin dubai S.V.R.S has set out to work alongside major corporations to provide new state of the art technology bring the best in the world to dubai.
One of our shengths and clear distinction from the company resides in the exceptionally high quality, ambition towards new technology and consistent service we pivvide.
We have maintained this level of quality in all levels of our organization lalgely due to our extensive and continuous year round training.

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Al Barsha 1, Saud Al Jabri Building,
Office No. 108, PO Box 22662


+971 55 343 55 79


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